New Owners — Blair and Dan

Blair, Dan, Miriam and Amir

August 2019 — If you are a regular at Pints & Quarts, you probably already know Blair and Dan. They are regulars who live nearby, and to borrow an old saw from Remington, they loved the place so much, they bought it!

Lovers of great food and, well, beer, Blair notes that they already spend a lot of time here. Now each gets to turn his formidable skills to running the venerable establishment.

The duo expressed their sincere thanks to previous owners Miriam and Amir; for creating a welcoming space in the heart of the Glebe and for entrusting them with that which has been so near and dear to them. They wish them happy trails.

The Tradition Continues

Blair and Dan are pleased to continue the traditions that they have come to love here. Come by and say hello.